Kimian B – Fontana, CA

I love when you walk into a place and you have a confident feeling that you’re gonna get taken care of..This is that place! Very friendly, helpful, but most importantly HONEST!! Free Wi-Fi and Coffee too!

Taudry A – Riverside, CA

After getting my oil changed at another place the weekend before, I was told that my brakes were at 10% and needed to be replaced. I called Jerls and got an appointment on Saturday. Mom and I headed to the tamale festival and I got a call a few hours later that only pads in front needed to be replaced and cost would be $228. I am THRILLED to have found a place to repair my Lexus. The staff was extremely welcoming, polite, professional, and HONEST. I have only lived in Riverside for 2 years and was worried that I would end up taking my car to the dealer for repairs. Not so now- I highly recommend Jerl’s Muffler and Brakes.

Sharon S – Riverside, CA

These people are friendly, helpful and above all, HONEST. Anytime I need work done to my car, that they specialize in, they are the first ones I go to. If they give you a guarantee, they honor it. They’re the best.

Bradley E – Riverside, CA

They treated me very fair here, doing fast, good work for a reasonable price. I was rear ended and needed a muffler replaced on my 2003 Honda CRV, they repaired or in just under an hour for about $175 with an aftermarket part. I got good advice on other problems I’ve been having with my car an plan on returning here to see them fixed.

Dr. W – Riverside, CA

Cool brake and muffler shop. They’re PRO, reasonably priced and got me in and out at a really reasonable timespan. Also, NO up-sell or recommendation for un-needed work. I was worried I would need new rotors. But, they said a quick resurfacing of my fronts would be fine! For brakes, these guys seem to be the best!

Miguel C – Garden Grove. CA

I’ve taken two of my cars there, Brian helped me both times he’s a very honest person and very easy to talk to. I’m from the oc and it was hard looking for a place but after meeting him it was a easy decision great work and great prices!


Doug Y – Victorville, CA

These guys are awesome, friendly, and fast! Went in for a brake job (front) and readjustment on the back for $180. I had chosen this place because of their great reviews and now I’m a satisfied customer. When I entered the door I was greeted really fast. Instantly went to go inspect my brakes and started working as soon as I gave the ok.


I called them on a Friday before a 3 day weekend, needed an alignment and I wasn’t sure they did them so I had been all over town with no luck. Asked when and I said I can be there in 10 minutes. I was on my home within an hour of when I called and they were $40 less then I had expected to be paying, my BMW drives nice and straight now. Thanks guys.

Micheal B – Miami, FL

Fast, friendly and great pricing. Quality parts and service. Happy as a pig in mud right now.


Dustin T – Anaheim, CA

Best Muffler shop. Have had many cars done by them and am having a muffler replaced because I want it louder. They are very respectful, very kind, very friendly – always have been. They treated my 6 year old as family offering her choice of TV while the muffler is put on. Thank you for being awesome! Jerl’s and the customers in the store! Also they are honest with prices and mufflers. They don’t want your money. They want your business. ex. My Subaru has a 2.5 inch exhaust. I want it louder. Instead of up selling to a 3 inch. they let me know what I want can be accomplished cheaper with a 2.5 inch muffler because no engine work had been done a 3.0 inch exhaust would be a waste and actually hurt the car. Thank you for keeping money in my pocket!! Will purchase more exhausts from them as needed!!!

Marie D – Riverside, CA

Went today to get rear struts done. They had three guys work on my car and I was out in about one hour. Staff really nice!! Good price too.

Chris L – Riverside, CA

Brian and team are awesome, super friendly and do great work. They put an exhaust system in with a powder coated tip that looks and sounds amazing. These guys are the best for a reason, will definitely be back with my other cars

Jeff S – Los Angeles, CA

I am fairly new to the Riverside/La Sierra area, and was looking for an honest garage to work on all my vehicles. I read the reviews here on Yelp, and decided to give them a try. I just picked up my car from Jerl’s. They exceeded all expectations and I now plan to bring my other rides here for repairs. They work on all types of cars including muscle cars, which I was looking for. I highly recommend this garage.


David P – Moreno Valley, CA

Referred by strongs truck. Walked in they told me what was best for my ram 1500 truck and budget and even demoed the muffler for me on a mechanics truck. Explained to me why this muffler, not the others. All made sense and then told me they will weld it because ram clamps leak. Good service all around. Love my flow master for $200. Happy customer.

Monique M – Riverside, CA

Family owned, family friendly, always honest and reliable.. The only place I would trust or recommend.


Rating D – Riverside, CA

Fast and professional! very clean! Drove off happy! Excellent exhaust work and craftsmanship! I would only recommend this muffler shop in Riverside!

Cid G – Murrieta, CA

Called on a Saturday, got a quote right away and told to come down since they were not busy. There was no wait my car was done right away. And charged me a lot less compared to my service dealer. The guys are honest and right to the point. Will be a returning customer.


Jim B – San Bernadino, CA

After a not so good experience at Advance the day before. I went to Jerl’s, everyone was awake and greeted me in the parking lot with a smile. They had the Flowmaster made specifically for a Tahoe and had it installed in minutes. They explained that I didn’t need 3″ exhaust or tail pipe since my vehicle came with it and it was in good condition. Unlike Advance’s recommendation to replace the pipe. Total cost, $175. Jerl’s is large ( so there is room for the techs to move around) , clean (even the bathroom), and well stocked (need a new pipe tip?). Thanks Jerl’s.

Cameron B – Brighton, MA

Jerl’s was amazing. There for a half hour and $40 later. I had a connection rust way, Jerl’s replaced it with a pipe extension and life is good. Thank you!

Kelly P – Riverside, CA

Awesome! Dropped the car off at 2:15pm for brake check. They called and told us what we needed which was less then what we thought and said that it could ready in about 45 minutes. Gave them the go ahead and it was done right on time. Shop and store are very clean and everyone was very nice.

John G – Corona, CA

I started bringing my work trucks to them around 1995 when They were on Magnolia Ave. Very upfront of what it’s going to cost. No B.S. Very professional. Now my kids bring their vehicles there.
The owner (Kim) did good with his boys….


Justin S – Temecula, CA

I took in my Honda Civic yesterday to have an exhaust system installed. After a little over an hour my car was done. The car looked and sounded great. I was really impressed with the sound quality of my new exhaust system. I will definitely be back to have a cold air intake system installed. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get work done on their car in Riverside. Very clean and friendly to customers which is rare to see nowadays.